Say so long to printed time cards.

PrimePay’s Time Clock system allows you to utilize cutting-edge time clock technology.
No matter which you choose, the time data will flow directly back to the Time Clock system.

Biometric clocks with fingerprint & badge terminals.

PrimePay Payroll Tax & HR

This clock comes with many options to choose from. If facial recognition isn’t your style, you can lean on this hardware for your employees to clock in and out using a key card or their fingertip.

A keypad is also featured to customize the clock to your needs. No matter how your employees use this terminal, the data is all pushed right back to Time Clock’s software.

Facial recognition is your step into the future.

PrimePay Payroll Tax & HR

Our facial recognition clock is a dual infrared camera which allows your employees to clock in and out.

You can store up to 800 faces in this hardware! The best part? Once the terminal snaps an employee's picture, their time data will be sent right to the Time Clock system.

Go anywhere with online and mobile app access.

PrimePay Payroll Tax & HR

Our Time Clock software comes with a timekeeping option built in! Your employees can clock in and out from their computer, smartphone or tablet.

The white-labeled system will provide an online timesheet for your employees to review and make changes when needed.

Renting: The practical choice for your small biz.

Decided on hardware? Thankfully, you don’t have to buy it outright. When renting your timekeeping terminals with PrimePay, you’ll take advantage of:

  • Improved cash flow. No down payment or security deposit required.
  • Covered wear and tear. If your clock incurs any damages, we’ll send you a replacement.
  • Flexibility in clock choice. Not loving the clock you chose? We’ll switch it out for one that works better for your business.

Buying the terminals is an option too. Let us know you’d like to purchase the equipment and we’ve got you covered.

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